Vitt's Mill Civil War Site Marked

civil war plaque installation
City of Union Maintenance Workers install Vitt's Mill Civil War Plaque at intersection of Highway 47 and Main Street.


Vitt's Mill Circa 1900Many people are not aware that several Civil War skirmishes occurred throughout Franklin County, including a skirmish that left approximately 100 captured, wounded or dead (according to Confederate reports) at Vitt’s Mill in Union.  The battle in Union occurred October 1, 1864.  For those not familiar, Vitt’s Mill is now the home of Crystal Ice located near the intersection of Highway 47 and Main Street.

To attract Civil War enthusiasts and to educate the public about these skirmishes, the City of Union, in conjunction with the Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation, has purchased a plaque describing the Vitt’s Mill skirmish and an in-depth look at several of the key players, including David Murphy, a local school teacher who assembled a group of 50 local men for the Union Army on April 20, 1861, just eight days after secessionists fired upon Fort Sumter in South Carolina.  These men signed up to serve the Union Army at Vitt’s Mill.

On October 1, 1864 Confederate troops confronted Union forces with cannon fire and attack on Vitt’s Mill.  The Union Army fled and the mill was used for several days to mill flour for the Confederate troops.

The plaque describes the history of Vitt’s Mill in much more detail, including historic photos of the building. 

Washington, Pacific and an area near New Haven also experienced battles.  We encourage you to learn more by visiting

 Posted 11/1/2013